UAE – Connecting Culture, Commodities, and Trade

Situated on the Persian Gulf, United Arab Emirates is, undoubtedly, one of the most successful, vibrant and rapidly growing economies of the world. Over the last decade, the country has made a significant infrastructural development, trade diversification and economic growth, and has become a popular trading hub for various national and international businesses, one that is not restricted to oil and natural gas.

Its strategic location, actively diversifying economies and excellent trade ties with all the major economies of the world make UAE an ideal trading hub for any business to expand and invest. So, if you still thinking of investing or setting up your business in UAE, here are some of the factors that can help you strengthen your decision:

Excellent location and widespread connectivity
Dubai’s strategic location has always given it a competitive edge over others in the world of trade, be it for oil, natural gas or any other business. Being one of the crucial transit points to countries across the world, UAE is touted as the perfect gateway between the East and the West and a lynchpin for global trade.

The country is exceptionally well connected via air, road and sea links and offers superb logistics infrastructure to companies to import raw materials and export their produce around the world with ease, efficiency and affordability.

Business-friendly environment
Economic stability and security have made Dubai one of the most promising business destinations for investors. Its global free-trade agreements ensure solid ties with most of the developing and developed commercial nations. Not just that, the country offers its cosmopolitan business community world-class infrastructure, unbeatable banking and financial services, and investor friendly trade policies to help their business grow and flourish.

Liberal tax laws
A country that marks zero or nominal personal, professional and corporate taxes, UAE is touted as the tax havens of the world. Its open economic system and tax-free trade policies make setting up a business in UAE a cherished proposition.

World-class infrastructure and facilities
Dubai offers the best infrastructural facilities and high quality of life to expatriates. UAE has been ranked as No. 1 country offering the best quality of life in the Middle East region and 15th in the entire World. While setting up a business in UAE, you would not have to worry about recruiting both skilled and unskilled labor or finding an office space with world-class amenities – Dubai offers you the best of both the worlds.

Extensive foreign trade network
UAE offers an extensive choice of potential global marketing outlets for trading your goods and services. Its friendly importing, exporting, and re-exporting relations with major economies of the world make it an ideal trading hub for a variety of businesses, including import, export, logistics, hospitality, tourism, trading, event management, construction, financial services and so on.

So, whatever be your area of expertise, UAE proves to be the best trading hub and ultimate investment destination for you.

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