Set Up Your Business in UAE Mainland for Bigger, Better Benefits

Expats planning to expand their business in UAE have more reasons to be happy than ever. Touted as one of the biggest business hubs in the world, UAE offers numerous benefits to international investors who plan to set up a business in Dubai. Hassle-free trade licenses, liberal tax laws, simpler visa rules, business friendly environment, and widespread connectivity are some of the many benefits that UAE offers to its business community. But the establishment of free trade zones in Dubai is the biggest factor that attracts thousands of foreign investors to Dubai every year.

To further strengthen the trade policies and boost foreign investment in Dubai, the UAE Government, in addition to its 40 trade-free zones, has phased out licenses to 163 firms to operate in the Emirates Mainland. This act will help free zone companies to establish onshore branches in UAE and bolster growth and business revenue.

Benefits of setting up a business in Dubai Mainland

There are multiple benefits of expanding your business in UAE Mainland. These include:

Greater scope for business activities

UAE mainland companies enjoy an enhanced share of business activities. The registration process for mainland companies is simple and hassle-free and there are minimum trading rules and regulation set up by the UAE government. This facilitates mainland companies to open up to wider UAE markets to boost growth and revenue and trade with various non-related industries too.

Ability to trade with other mainland companies

Setting up a company in UAE mainland means better business prospects and it is an ideal way to build a strong presence throughout the Emirates. As a UAE mainland company, you can set up your office anywhere in UAE, partner with other mainland companies, trade in local market without paying any custom duty as well as invest in other businesses for bigger profits.

Opportunity of working with government bodies

As a UAE mainland company, you can easily fork down various lucrative business opportunities too. You can easily pitch for government contracts and project and work with UAE government bodies. This, in turn, goes a long way in strengthening your business portfolio.

Affordable way of doing business

Setting up a company in UAE mainland is the most affordable way of doing business in the Emirates. Moreover, there are no currency restrictions for mainland businesses in Dubai.

So, while free zones in Dubai offer various impressive benefits to entrepreneurs and expats, for bigger benefits you must aim to establish a company in UAE mainland. For complete information on company formation in UAE, get in touch with us.

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