Tips to Get Residence Visa for Your Family in Dubai

Whether you have relocated to Dubai due to a lucrative job offer or you are planning to set up your business in UAE, bringing your family to the country of your residence is definitely the first thing you would want to achieve. After all, who can stay away from their loved ones for long?

While UAE is known to be a home to a large number of expats, with people from more than 200 nationalities living in the country, getting a residence visa for your family in Dubai is a no child’s game and you need to meet with certain rules and eligibility criteria set by the government.

However, the entire process of getting your family relocated to Dubai can become hassle-free and affordable if you abide by the following rules:

1. Apply for the entry permit
Before getting the residence visa for your spouse and children, you first need to apply for the entry residence visa, better known as the entry permit. For this, you need to submit the below mentioned documents:

  • Typed entry permit application form
  • An attested salary certificate and employment contract (original)                    Note: To act as a sponsor, your salary must be at least 3,000 AED with accommodation or 4,000 AED without accommodation.
  • An attested copy of the passport(s) of both sponsor and family members, with at least six months’ validity
  • 3 passport-sized photo for each dependent
  • An attested marriage certificate (original and copy)
  • An attested birth certificate of your children (original and copy)
  • Bank statements for the past three months
  • Medical check-up report of spouse and children over 15 years of age from an authorized hospital or clinic
  • Your original, attested rental contract
  • Your most recent water and electricity bills
  • Fees of 250 AED for each application

Once all the documents are complete, you need to submit your application form and the supporting documents to GDRFA to receive the residence visa stamp on your family member’s passport. The residence visa remains valid only if your spouse does not travel out of the UAE for more than 6 months.

2. Get the residence visas
Once your family has arrived in the UAE, you now need to apply for their residence visa. This must be done within the first 60 days of arrival. You need the same documents to apply for your family residence visa in UAE. In addition to these, you will need the following documents:

  • A completed and signed residence visa application form
  • Original passports of the sponsor and family member(s) along with the attested copies
  • Three passport-sized photographs for each family member
  • Entry permits
  • Medical fitness certificate of every family member above 15 years of age
  • Copy of your spouse and children health insurance card
  • Your residence visa (original and copy)
  • Your Emirates ID card and labor card (original and copy)
  • Residence visa fees of 370 AED

3. Know the law
As visa rules differ from one country to another, it is important to clearly know all the rules before you submit your visa application. This will help avoid any chances of visa refusal or delay in getting the permanent residential visa for your family. Some rules to keep in mind are:

  1. An expatriate resident can sponsor his son only up to the age of 18.
  2. He can sponsor his daughter only if she is unmarried.
  3. A woman can sponsor her children if she holds a residence permit and her monthly salary is 10,000 AED or 8,000 AED plus accommodation.
  4. A wife can sponsor her husband and children if her basic salary is 3,000 AED plus accommodation or 4,000 AED without accommodation.
  5. An expatriate resident can also sponsor his/her stepchildren if he/she is able to meet GDRFA’s conditions which include a deposit for every child and a no-objection certificate from their biological parent.
  6. You can sponsor your parents or parents-in-law in UAE if your monthly salary is above 20,000 AED or 19,000 AED with accommodation.
  7. Both of your parents must be sponsored together. If they are divorced or one of your parents is deceased, you need to submit an attested divorce or death certificate.

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