It’s Time to Migrate Your Business to UAE

Congratulations! After much hardships and efforts, your business is finally ready for its next big move. Whether you want to multiply business revenues, trim down expenses, pool in top talent, or foster future sustainability, relocating your business to a more business-friendly country is definitely the best bet forward.

So, if you are thinking of making a more affordable, more profitable business progression, there’s no better place for setting up your business than UAE. Home to some of the most prominent companies and corporations in the world, the United Arab Emirates offer a number of perks and benefits that make setting up and flourishing a business in Dubai a breeze.

Here are the 10 most impactful reasons – business and personal – that will make you pack your bags and migrate your business to UAE.

Freeze on Government fees and taxes
Unlike all the buzz and rumors of the introduction of 5% VAT on foreign investments, the UAE government, earlier this year, decided to freeze all federal fees for the next three years.

This means, business owners get to enjoy complete tax exemptions on all personal and professional withholdings, export of goods, as well as corporate and personal income in around 38 free zones in Dubai. In addition to this, expats also get corporate tax exemption for the next 50 years from the date of the formation of the company.

Economic stimulus to aid foreign investment and business growth
The government of Dubai is totally committed to foreign investment and growth. It offers wide-reaching stimulus package to aid foreign business set up in UAE. Allocation of 20% government contracts to SMEs, multiple fine and fee waivers for business, convenient licensing rules, and new payment options are some of the other factors that make company formation in UAE significantly easier.

Strong talent pool
Thousands of skilled and unskilled professionals from all parts of the world flock to UAE for lucrative employment opportunities. Thus, it’s no surprise that you’ll easily find quality labor and employees if you wish you start your business in Dubai.

Improved employee hiring and visa rules
Since June, UAE has adopted a new hiring and employment policy, wherein private companies in UAE now need to pay only AED 60 per employee to the government to cover various employee costs and benefits, including holiday cover and insurance. This has come as a big relief to foreign SMEs as earlier private companies had to pay AED 3,000 deposit when recruiting new employees. This makes setting up and running a business in UAE easy and more affordable.

Freeze on school fees
International schooling in Dubai is a good but costly affair. Last few years have seen a rapid increase in school fees. But with recent rules and amendments, the Dubai Executive Council has announced a freeze of school fees for the year 2018–2019. This means that schools in Dubai will not be allowed to hike fees for a year. Thus, it is a fantastic time to relocate your business to Dubai if you have school going children.

10-year hassle-free visa
To enable accumulation of exceptional talent from around the world, the Government of Dubai has introduced a new 10-year residential visa for international investors and professionals in medical, scientific, research, and technical fields. The visa can be extended to family members too. The new visa rules have been formed to encourage long-term relocation to Dubai, making the Emirates a permanent destination for international investors.

Stable economy
It’s a no brainer that UAE has one of the most stable and self-sufficient economies in the world. That’s why almost all major global industries are found booming here. Its global free trade agreements, liberal tax laws, and investor-friendly trade policies help national and international businesses grow and flourish.

Easy immigration process
Immigration laws vary from one country to another. While some have relaxed immigration rules, others have far more strict rules and make it difficult for foreign nationals and their families to immigrate. Fortunately, UAE has welcoming immigration policies that make it convenient for people to avail UAE visa in as less as two weeks.

Decreasing land prices
While Dubai has always been touted as the one of the most expensive countries to live in due to high cost of living, falling real estate prices in UAE has reversed the scenario. In fact, the rents and house prices in Dubai have fallen by around 22% since their peak four years ago. This makes investing and relocating to Dubai a strategic move for all aspiring business owners.

Cosmopolitan environment
Preferred by immigrants from all over the world, Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan and culturally diverse countries in the world. There are over 200 different nationalities living in Dubai. Not just that, UAE has the lowest crime rate and is considered as world’s safest country for both old and young alike.

So, how to get there?
Well, it’s quite simple. Simply get in touch with us at 00971 55 679 1998, and our expert consultants will help you get through the immigration process with ease and convenience. We can provide you complete guidance and comprehensive assistance for availing visa, permissions, and other legal approvals required for the successful establishment of your business in UAE.